Lawn Mower Buying Guide

61VVH3yddpL._SL1104_Mowing your lawn regularly is just important as watering, fertilizing and weeding it. But mowing the lawn is a chore and is not something that many people often look forward to doing. However, mowing the lawn can be a more enjoyable experience if you buy the right lawn mower.

There are a number of factors to consider before you purchase your first model, such as the terrain, condition and size of the grass, your budget, but most important is the type of mower – manual, electric or gas.


The most basic, and often cheapest, type of lawn mower is a manual powered one. These type of lawn mowers cut grass using a series of curved blades which rotate when pushed.

The benefit of manual powered lawn mowers is that they are quiet, easy to use, and require no gas.

However, you should only look at this type of mower if you have a flat and even lawn which is less than a ¼ acre in size.

A good choice is the Fiskars 6201.


Electric lawn mowers are another good choice for several reasons. They are quiet, just like manual lawn mowers, pollution-free and are very easy to power on – all you have to do is flip a switch.

While they’re mostly maintenance free, you may have to replace or sharpen the blade every so often.

A good example of a highly rated electric lawn mower is the Black & Decker SPCM1936.

However, they don’t come without their disadvantages, such as requiring you to keep the mower plugged in as you mow if you decide to go with a corded model, such as the  If you choose to go with a cordless model, then the rechargeable batteries often only last for 30 to 90 minutes, which is enough to mow your everyday suburban yard but not much else. We’d say that electric lawn mowers are a good choice for those who have lawns that are up to a ¼ acre in size.

One of the best manufacturers of electric powered lawn mowers is WORX, such as the WORX WG782. Visit their website here.


The first thing to know about gas powered models is that they are noisy and produce exhaust emissions. They can also be hard to start, as you are required to fiddle around with gas. But if you can look past these points and have a large yard with uneven terrain and more substantial growth then they’re you’re only real choice. We’d say that if your yard is up to ½ acre in size, then you should opt for a gas powered lawn mower.

A good manufacturer of gas powered lawn mowers is Husqvarna. We’d definitely recommend checking out there line of mowers, such as the 7021P or Husqvarna 6021P. You also can’t go wrong the something from Black & Decker such as the following model.


Other Things to Consider

Starting Mechanism: The easiest type of lawn mower to power on is an electric powered one, as these simply employ a turnkey ignition for an effortless and quick start.

Blade: Whatever the type of lawn mower it is that you decide to buy, you should make sure that the blade is both easy to sharpen and replace.

Height Adjustment: Many mowers force you to adjust each wheel separately just to change the height of the cut. However, you should always opt for one that allows you to adjust the wheels simultaneously for ease of use purposes.

Safety Tips

- There are a few things that you should always keep in mind when operating a lawn mower, which are as follows:

- Never use an electric lawn mower in wet conditions

- An electric mower’s cable should always be directed away from the cutting direction

- Make sure that you always switch off the mower before you attempt to remove clippings or empty the grass box. Also make sure that the blades are still.

- Always keep animals and children away from the mower when in use.

- Always read the instruction manual before using your lawn mower for the first time.

- Remove thick twigs, branches and stones before you start mowing, as these can easily fly up into the air and hurt you. These objects can also damage the mower’s blades.

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